The DWTA on How to Super Clean the Windshield

Having a super clear and dirt-free windshield does not only make for a clean looking car, it also ensures better vision for the driver as he presses on to his driving journey. For this reason the Detroit Windshield Technicians' Association has shared several tips on how to super clean a car's windscreen. "Not everyone can deep clean their windshield as some people are not aware of techniques that ensure a clean and superbly cleaned windscreen, and so we decided to share some time-tested ways," says Peter Kinley, president of the DWTA.

Home improvement website Home Hacks has shared an effective way to remove streaks from auto glass that is coming from the inside. In her web post, the author mentioned how important it is to keep the other parts of the car clean first before finally cleaning the windshield.

"There's nothing worse than driving in your car and not being able to clearly see out the windshield because of dirt, streaks, and fingerprints. The outside of our car windshield is fairly easy to clean - you can pull up to any gas station and give it a good scrub. But it's the inside of the windshield that can be a bit trickier."

Read the instructions here.

Thorough Windshield Cleanse has come up with an instructional video that showed how to clean the windshield fully and ensure a clear streak free finish. The video that they shared came also with a step-by-step guide text and corresponding photos.

"Using a window cleaner of your choice, wipe away any grim, some of the lighter build up maybe removed depending on the cleaning action of your window cleaner. To clean a majority of the grim, use paper towel first. And then for a final clean, follow up using a microfiber cloth. This prevents the microfiber fiber cloth from becoming too dirty too quickly and a microfiber cloth also helps remove grim due to it's material composition. I would also recommend cleaning the interior portion of the glass to help spot any smudging or missed dirty."

The step by step instructions plus the video can be found here.

Restoring to Brand New

The website Tip Hero meanwhile shared a tip on how to restore the windshield into brand new condition through a tool that could unexpectedly be useful in super deep cleaning the windshield. In their web post, they shared step-by-step instructions in cleaning out the windscreen using a steel wool that has the finest wool texture.

"Step 1: Start by rubbing down the entire windshield with your steel wool. Polish the entire windshield in firm, circular motions for about 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure you look for and attack any little spot. Step 2: Soak a rag in Rainx and clean the entire windshield with the cloth. Make sure this does not get on your car/RV paint. Step 3: Let your windshield dry before giving it a second coat of Rainx. Step 4: Let the Rainx dry and while it's drying, soak a rag with water. Once the windshield is dry, wipe down the entire surface with the rag."

Check out the rest of the instructions here.

The Detroit-based windshield technician's organization emphasized in their blog post that super clean windshields are indeed feasible to attain.

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